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What is Advent? The word “advent,” means “coming” or “arrival.”

The Advent Season is focused on the Coming of Jesus as Messiah. Advent, though never commanded in Scripture is a reminder of the reason why we celebrate through gift giving. It’s only because God gave us Jesus that we seek to imitate God by being generous at all times (not just during the winter months).

As Protestant Evangelicals we have no biblical belief or framework for the term Christ’s Mass or Christmas as it’s known. Instead we leverage the excitement and anticipation of a largely superficial holiday to point people to the Coming of Jesus into the world; and share The Message of His saving grace to all who would seek His forgiveness. Advent is a form or a tool that we seek to use to remind ourselves of The Greatest Gift mankind has ever received. In the same way that wedding bands signify the depth of a covenant union between a husband and wife; so too does Advent point to something far more meaningful and eternal than simply lighting candles on a Sunday morning.

Pastor Kevin

Advent Week 4 – December 20: God’s Greatest Gift – John 15:12-17

Advent Week 3 – December 13: Jesus is Our Hope

Advent Week 2 – December 6: Joy Set Before Us – Hebrews 12:1-2

Advent Week 1 – November 28: Jesus is Our Peace – Luke 2:8-14