With so many varieties and practices of churches in the modern day, we understand that one experience at one church can be completely different from that of another church. Over time, not knowing what to expect can become tiring, and visiting a church- stressful. Below are some common questions we receive from people interested in Grace & Truth Community Church, along with the answers to those questions.




What should I wear?


This is one of the more frequent questions we hear. When visiting Grace & Truth, you will quickly notice that the body of Christ is a melting pot of people from different backgrounds and different professions. While some may be wearing suits, ties, or khakis, others may be wearing t- shirts and jeans. You are free to wear what is comfortable.


How long is the service?


Even though the worship gatherings may go over from time to time, they normally start at 10am and last until 11am, with a 15 minute Welcome Party afterward.


What kind of music do you sing?


The music here is very blended. You will tend to hear some modern worship songs along with the theologically rich hymns.



Have more questions or concerns?


If you have any more questions, Pastor Kevin would be more than happy to help you and answer any questions you may have. You can either Contact Us or reach out to one of the wonderful people at the front door on a Sunday morning and they will gladly direct you to the proper person.