We are beginning a sermon series titled: “Ephesians: A Foundational Letter”

It has been our philosophy to always preach in an expository manner. We teach a book of the Bible comprehensively. We discuss every verse in context, so that we can expose what God is saying through His Word. It is our goal to teach the full meaning behind what the author intended us to know.

The reason for the title “A Foundational Letter” is to highlight the numerous foundational doctrines to be found within this relatively short book that are key to the Christian life. Ephesians touches several different topics that will allow us to reference other areas in scripture to expand on the different doctrines.

This past Sunday, we went through the Doctrine of Scripture by teaching on 2 Timothy 3:10-17. Even though the sermon series is focused on Ephesians, we wanted to make sure that we began walking through this sermon series by establishing the authority of God’s Word. The many things taught in the Bible can be hard to swallow at first, which therein lies the importance of beginning with scripture.

We encourage you to join us as we dig deep into God’s Word, so that we can hear what He has to say to us about the following subjects. We long to answer some of the questions that come forward through these topics:

•The Authority of Scripture: How much authority does the Word of God have?
•The Doctrine of Salvation (Soteriology): How does salvation work? How is the finished, atoning work of Christ applied to me? When Christ said “It is finished”, does it really mean that?
•The Doctrine of Missions (Missiology)
•The Doctrine of the Church (Ecclesiology): What does the church look like? What in fact is the “church”?
• Gender Roles: What is God’s plan for the family? Does he have an order to how He wishes the home and the church to be managed?

All of the above topics are mentioned within the book of Ephesians, but are talked about in several other areas within scripture. We will see what the Bible as a whole says about these issues by using Ephesians as our starting point.

We are excited about what God is doing here at Grace & Truth Community Church and we look forward to what He will do.

Pastor Kevin

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