Missions Internship

Missionaries Needed!

We’re looking for missionaries to serve along side us in the tri-state area.

Statistics tell a bleak story for Evansville and Indiana as a whole. Anywhere from 75% to 80% of the population claim to be “none” (meaning they don’t affiliate with any given religion or other denomination). The dichotomy is that roughly 85% to 90% of the people in Evansville will tell you they know Jesus in a saving way. But when asked about their relationship to Jesus’ Body, The Local Church or their obedience to God’s commandments, typically they have nothing to say.

Either, the people of Evansville do truly know Jesus and they’ve never been discipled; therefore they have no knowledge of what it means to be a Christian; or the statistics are right and there are close to 186,040 in Vanderburgh county alone (not to mention the tri-state area) who are lost.

Both of these groups of people need to be evangelized and discipled.

We’re looking for missionaries to serve along side us in the tri-state area. We are praying for people who love Jesus and who love His Church to join us at Grace & Truth Community Church as we seek to be the hands and feet of Jesus; in a largely lost community. We’re looking for other theologically conservative; Protestant Evangelicals who are also missiologically progressive. Meaning, we are conservative and orthodox in our doctrine but we think outside of the box when it comes reaching people. In short, we know that the addition of another program will not bring salvation or spiritual growth.

Only God’s people purposefully sharing God’s
Gospel will bring people to salvation and spiritual maturity.

If God is calling you to serve as a missionary; across the city or across the fence we have an opportunity for you to join Grace & Truth Community Church in our Missionary Internship; where you will be educated, equipped and encouraged to serve as a missionary to the world’s third largest mission field, the United States of America.

If God is simply calling you to be faithful, and you’re not sure how. One meaningful way is to join and serve in The Local Church. Maybe you don’t yet see yourself as a missionary, but you yearn to make an impact for Christ; consider this your invitation to join us in God’s harvest. Contact us today!